Minnesota Senior Federation Closes

The Minnesota Senior Federation is being closed due to the economic downturn. Although this is sad news, over the last few weeks members of the Board and other volunteers and staff have worked hard to preserve the most vital work of the Minnesota Senior Federation.

Senior Partners Care: A huge number of Minnesota seniors depend on the Senior Partners Care program to receive their medical care. Many lost sleep as they feared the loss of these services. Volunteers of America / Minnesota has now committed to continue the administration of this vital program. JoAnne Flacksbarth, who has coordinated this program for several years, will stay with the program for the next several months to help with the transition. She expects the program to move to VOA/MN’s offices by July 1. For now, however, JoAnne continues the administration from the Minnesota Senior Federation offices and current and potential participants in Senior Partners Care can contact her here at 651-783-5030. JoAnne and VOA/MN will notify all participants as to the new location and contact information and when to start using it. Most important for the participants right now is that they can continue receiving their medical care as they have been from the same providers with no interruption.

Prescription Drug Programs: The Senior Rx Care pharmacies have committed to continue the Minnesota Senior Federation pricing for those using these prescription drug programs. While the advent of Medicare Part D lessened interest in these alternative programs, many still find them to be the best solution to their prescription needs. We have had testimony that certain prescriptions are available at half the best price in any local pharmacy. Those wishing to sign up to use these programs, submit new prescriptions or request refills should contact Senior Rx Care directly at 1-877-828-7555.

The Upper Midwest Pension Rights Project: The Upper Midwest Pension Rights Project will continue to operate under the auspices of the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging. The UMPRP continues to serve its current clients and is accepting new clients. Final location of its offices is still being determined, but they can be contacted by calling 651-783-5021 or toll free 1-866-783-5021.

Issues and Advocacy: Groups of volunteers have begun organizing to continue advocacy work on issues important to Minnesota seniors. They are meeting with other organizations around the area to try to work up coalitions and support for advocacy. Anyone wishing to keep in contact with this group should provide his or her name, address, phone and email address to Lee Graczyk at lgraczyk@mnseniors.org or 651-783-5028.

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