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Steps for Connecting with Your Legislator

To identify your two state legislators and access their contact information:

Enter your home address in the Who represents me? search function on the MN State Legislature Website. The list of state and federal elected officials representing that district will appear. The two names listed at the top of the list are your MN State House Representative and your MN State Senator. By clicking on either of these names, the legislators’ state webpage will come up where their phone number, email and postal address will be listed. You can call, email, or mail a letter to your legislators to share your message with them, or you can call their office to set up an in person appointment (these phone calls are generally answered by a legislative assistant who will help arrange this appointment).


Crafting the message to share with your legislator:

The following is a general format for connecting with your legislator about any issue.

  1. Personal introduction and background on you (name, where you live);
  2. Explain the issue you are contacting them about and tie it to your specific personal experience ;
  3. Ask them specifically for what you would like them to do;
  4. Thank them for their attention to the issue. 

Remember that legislators are generally quite busy and more concise emails are greatly appreciated. Also, remember to please be kind and polite as this greatly helps long term relationships with legislators around home care issues.

If you are communicating with your legislators about the specific legislative priorities of MHCA, please contact Kathy Messerli for timely updates/speaking points about these specific issues.


Tips for Communicating with your legislator:

Click here to view a brief video with handy tips for talking with your legislator!


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