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MHCA Committees & Listservs
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MHCA Committees are the working arms of our association

MHCA members have the opportunity to serve on committees that collaborate on projects to strengthen the association. Participating on committees is how our members get the most out of their membership.

All committee members are appointed to a one-year term (July 1-June 30). If you are interested in being apart of a committee, please complete an application below. The application deadline is June 3.


Committee Charges

Advocacy Committee

This new committee will help ensure MHCA maintains its renewed and broad focus on advocacy. Responsible for monitoring and advocating for state and federal legislation and overseeing regulatory advocacy, this committee will also lead MHCA grassroots advocacy efforts and host MHCA Day at the Capitol. Members are expected to attend Day at the Capitol and actively communicate with their state legislators and members of the MN Congressional Delegation. A representative from each of the following workgroups will be a member of the Advocacy Committee and bring pertinent advocacy issues to the new committee.

Meeting Frequency: It is expected that the Advocacy Committee will have 9-11 meetings per year and the following workgroups will meet approximately four times per year (this may vary by workgroup).

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DHS Liaison Workgroup

This workgroup will build on MHCA’s relationship with DHS and track issues, updates, and information regarding MN Department of Human Services (DHS) policy and troubleshoot issues as patterns are identified. This committee will recommend educational topics for MHCA members and provide timely updates to the membership.

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MDH Liaison Workgroup

A small group of members will serve as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on MDH policy issues that arise, working with MHCA staff and the Advocacy Committee, as needed.

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Medicare/CMS & NGS Liaison Workgroup

This workgroup will serve as MHCA’s liaison on all Medicare issues, including CMS and NGS. They will serve as the MHCA Medicare Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), write comment letters and advise the Advocacy Committee on federal policy and reimbursement issues. As we strive to get more information to our members in a timely manner, this group of members will help track issues and information regarding CMS and Medicare policy, develop resources and identify educational topics for members.

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Payer Liaison Workgroup (VA, MCOs, health plans)

This workgroup will track payment related challenges that home care providers are facing with payers. Lead solution-focused discussions with payers and provide information and resources to MHCA members.

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Payment Reform Workgroup

This workgroup will work with MHCA lobbyist to create a sustainable Medicaid reimbursement framework proposal for home care and develop an advocacy plan that includes reaching state agencies and legislators.

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Workforce Workgroup

This workgroup will lead MHCA’s workforce initiatives, with a focus on nursing and home health aides. They will advocate for home care inclusion in academic programs and clinical training, legislative initiatives that propose solutions that will positively impact home care staffing and collaborate in appropriate workforce initiatives.

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Clinical, Rehab and Regulatory Committee

Members will include nurses and therapists.
Develop and implement a plan to support members with regulatory compliance and quality improvement, including tools, resources and best practices. Resources will be identified and developed for various home care professionals. Stay current on survey and quality trends and inform and advise the Advocacy Committee on home care related public policy. This committee may choose to form applicable, strategic-driven workgroups.

This committee is responsible for the following MHCA Strategic Plan strategy:

  • Increase member resources

 Meeting Frequency: 9-11 meetings per year

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Member Relations & Education Committee

Assess MHCA membership trends and member needs to determine education and benefits that will enhance member value. Provide guidance on MHCA educational programming. Participate in membership recruitment, retention and engagement activities. Study home care and association trends and identify revenue diversification options, member categories and dues structure that are in alignment.

This committee is responsible for the following MHCA Strategic Plan strategies:

  • Increase accessible education
  • Increase dues and non-dues revenue
  • Enhance Region Meetings

Meeting Frequency: 5 meetings (July to January), plus an April meeting

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Member listservs are open to members only - you may subscribe at anytime.

Subscribe to the Billers Listserv - This listserv is for members to communicate with one another in regard to billing questions if the need arises.

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Committee Application

Please select up to 3 committees you would like to serve on, in order of preference.
Would you be willing to serve on more than one committee if space allows?

Type of agency you work for (check all that apply):

In which region is your agency located? (Refer to MHCA Region Map)

What experience/expertise would you bring to the committee/workgroup?
Please list any present/past involvement with MHCA.

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