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Legislative Appointments
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*In preparation for the MHCA Day at the Capitol on March 5th, we need you to set up an appointment ASAP with your State Senator and State Representative. A portion of our activity that day involves member meetings with elected officials, and legislators respond most quickly to requests initiated by their constituents.



To find out who your representative and senators are and how to contact them, enter your home address here. A list of all your state and federal members will appear. Click on the individuals listed as “MN House” member and “MN Senate” member. For each of these individuals, clicking on their name will bring you to their member page. There should be a contact for their Legislative Assistant (LA), who will be your primary contact. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to contact the LA to set up a meeting with your Representative and Senator.


Step 1: Call the Legislative Assistant today.

  • Introduce yourself as a constituent of Representative/Senator X who will be at the Capitol on March 5th to talk about home care. Ask if you can schedule a brief meeting with Representative/Senator X that day.
  • Attempt to schedule the meeting after 12pm. (we will have a formal program for MHCA members from 10am-12pm). If they are not available during that timeslot, but can meet earlier, please go ahead and schedule the earlier meeting (we will make it work!) If they can meet later, use your judgment about whether you can stay late that day.
  • Do not be surprised if the appointment is for 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Confirm the location of the meeting (typical meetings take place in the member’s office – please be sure to obtain the building and room number.)
  • The LA may ask for more information, such as what organization you are with, what you would like to discuss (issues of importance to home care), as well as your address (to confirm you are a constituent). This information will get passed along to Senator/Representative X.
  • If you get voicemail, leave a message. State that you are a constituent, and include your name, the date and time frame you would like to make your appointment, and, of course, your phone number.


Step 2:

  • If you left a message, give the LA 24 hours to respond, and then call again.
  • Send an email with your request for a meeting immediately after the second voice message.


Step 3:

  • Once the appointment is scheduled, send a follow-up email to the LA.
  • Send a personal email to the LA, thanking him or her for the appointment and reiterating the topic of the meeting (issues of importance to home care).
  • Make sure your contact information is on the email.

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