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Show your commitment to Home Care professionalism

    The value and benefits of an MHCA membership far outweigh the cost of dues. Every day, MHCA is working to ensure that home care continues to be available to Minnesotans who need it. And every day, members have access to countless resources that help them do their jobs better. To name a few:

    • Education
    • Networking
    • Advocacy
    • Nurse Consultations
    • Expertise
    • Free Online Courses via RCTC


    Did You Know?

    Members of professional trade associations do better on their survey results than non-members?

    Become a Member


    Member categories

    MHCA offers three types of membership, one of which will fit your situation and offer a great return on your investment.



    Organizations that are providers of home care services are eligible to become Provider Members of MHCA. Organizations eligible for Provider Member status are not eligible for Business Partner Member status. Provider Members are the only classification of members that have voting rights in MHCA.


    Membership Dues

    Dues are assessed based on the home care agency/program’s adjusted revenue that was received from the last complete fiscal year. Adjusted revenue includes all dollars, regardless of source, obtained by your organization for all sites for providing home care services; it is the gross revenue less all discounts or allowances (expected amount due from payer).

    Tier 1:   $749
    If adjusted revenue is less than $324,999

    Tier 2:   Multiply your adjusted revenue by .0025905
    If adjusted revenue is between $325,000 and $2 million

    Tier 3:   $5,499
    If adjusted revenue is between $2,000,001 - $10 million

    Tier 4:   $7,499
    If adjusted revenue exceeds $10,000,001

    Questions on calculating your membership dues? Click here for our Membership FAQ

    Dues or gifts to MHCA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses subject to federal restrictions imposed on expenses for association lobbying activities. MHCA estimates that the non-deductible portion of your dues allocation for lobbying is 20%.

    New Member Discount: New members (agencies who have not paid MHCA dues within 3+ years) qualify for a one year, 50% reduction in dues or a proration, which-ever is lesser. Dues must be paid in full at the time of application to receive the discount.


    The MHCA recognizes and adheres to all state and federal laws with regard to the ethical treatment and rights of its members and employees as well as patients and their families.




    Stay up-to-date on state and federal regulatory and legislative issues through MHCA email alerts and newsletters.

    Nurse Consultants

    Receive timely response to clinical practice and regulatory questions from MHCA’s nurse consultants.

    Free Web-Based Training ($2,000+ VALUE!)

    Get 24/7 training for your entire staff, professionals, para-professionals and volunteers through MHCA’s partnership with Rochester Community Technical College (RCTC).


    Relevant training (Regulatory, OASIS, Coding, Dementia and Quality Improvement) is available to members at discounted prices in both classroom and webinar settings. To view upcoming education opportunities, visit MHCA online at:

    Receive Discounted rates on Certification Training.


    MHCA’s Government Relations Counsel and Legislative Team lead the association’s advocacy efforts as we work collaboratively with other stakeholders on regulatory and legislative issues, such as reimbursement, licensure, administrative simplification and more.


    Access various resources through MHCA’s one-stop resource center. Visit MHCA online at: and go to the Membership dropdown menu.


    Find support with other providers at regional meetings and MHCA events. MHCA’s seven regions are organized for member education and networking as well as other local activities of interest.

    Professional Development

    MHCA members have the opportunity to serve on various teams and task forces. Engaged members find significant value in working with and learning from their colleagues. To learn more about the various teams MHCA offers, visit:

    Career Center

    MHCA offers members a 20% discount on the MHCA Career Center to help you recruit the most qualified Home Care Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Home Care Aides, Therapists, and Social Workers. To get the promo code please contact MHCA.


    Business Partners

    Organizations and individuals affiliated with health-related organizations interested in home care through the provision of services or products to home care providers, or recognized as having contributed to the promotion of home care, but who are not eligible to become Provider Members, are eligible to become Business Partner Members of MHCA. Business Partner Members have no voting rights in MHCA.

    Sponsorship Information


    Membership Dues

    Business Partner membership dues is a flat rate of $710.

    Prorated fees: New members (those who have not paid MHCA dues within 3+ years) who join after January 31 are prorated from the month joined to the end of the calendar year. Dues must be paid in full at the time of application to receive the discount.

    NOTE: Dues or gifts to MHCA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes.



    • Be featured in the MHCA electronic vendor directory, which is updated daily. Provider members can easily access your company description and contact information.
    • Sponsor MHCA events, which provides Business Partners an opportunity to strengthen your marketing with MHCA members. Sponsorship includes opportunities such as website marketing, print marketing, participation lists, presentation time and more!
    • Exhibit at a reduced member rate. Nearly 200 members attend the Annual Meeting, which will be at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in the Twin Cities Metro Area May 13-14, 2020.
    • Meet face-to-face with members at regional meetings.
    • Advertise at discounted rates.
    • Attend MHCA education events at a discounted member rate or sponsor region meetings to network and build relationships with members.
    • Access member information available on our website.
    • Receive the semi-monthly Informer.
    • Show support of home care providers, as we address issues such as quality ratings, payment reform and workforce shortages and advocate for regulatory and legislative enhancements.



    Individuals who are retired Provider Members or Business Partner Members, professionals in transition, and other professionals who are not affiliated with an organization that would otherwise be eligible to be a Provider Member or Business Partner Member are eligible to become an Individual Member of MHCA. Individual Members have no voting rights in MHCA.


    Membership Dues

    Individual membership dues is a flat rate of $50.



    An individual member is entitled to Provider Membership benefits exception access to RCTCLEARN.NET, MHCA Nurse Consultants, and is not eligible to vote.


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